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People are participating in sports more often, in more diverse ways and more intensively than ever before. We strive to achieve our goals and push our boundaries. But this also makes us more susceptible to injury. This has led to increasing academic interest in recovery from sports injuries.

  • MediccSports International is completely at home in today’s modern sports world.
  • We are committed to creating optimal conditions for sports.
  • We deliver improved performance, enhanced experience and more enjoyment.
  • Enabling everyone to achieve their personal goals in their particular sport.
  • And to push forward!

MediccSports International understands the complexity of body, sports and technology. Just like a modern coach we examine all the factors that influence personal performance. From sports nutrition, injury recovery, cosmetic products, technical maintenance of equipment to training schedules and personal coaching. Our aim is to excel in everything that contributes to optimal sports performance. That’s our challenge.

Our Objectives

Whether you’re a professional, an amateur or an enthusiast, everyone who participates in sports has their own ‘sacred’ goals. Accomplishing them always involves three stages, which we call PPR:


Everyone wants to prepare as effectively as possible


Everyone wants to be able to give 100% when they perform


Afterwards, everyone wants a quick and healthy recovery

MediccSports International is suited to excellence. We love creating peak performances and pushing boundaries. We deliver optimal, (top-level) sports experience. We provide more enjoyment at every stage through improved preparation and perfect recovery. MediccSports International’s top priority is always the thrill of a positive sporting experience.

MediccSports International offers a customized and extremely comprehensive range of sporting aids to everyone who participates in sports, whether they are laid-back or fanatical, professional or amateur. We work every day to perfect this innovative programme, together with experts such as top-level athletes, exercise physiologists, equipment technicians, physiotherapists, coaches and our own R&D team. Central to all our endeavours is: PPR


Are you ready? How do you want to perform? Are you as fit as you can be? What do you need to perform at your best or to have a complete experience? We focus very deliberately on innovating equipment and innovative sport aids. MediccSports International ensures that you arrive at the start fully prepared.


The clock is ticking. And off you go. You’re faster, more alert. Your reflexes are flawless. You push boundaries, effortlessly. Ultimately, everything we do converges in your sporting experience. Individually and always at the right level. MediccSports International raises your performance through distinctive performance products.


Nothing beats savouring the completion of a great sporting performance. Giving your body the rest and attention it needs to recover. The finish line or final whistle is when the next preparation starts. MediccSports International knows what you need for optimal recovery and assists you with all aspects of post-performance care. All the way to the next start.

Personal supervision and products

MediccSports International offers top-level athletes personal supervision and support. We do this in collaboration with various sports associations. Our starting point is always: ‘optimizing your sporting performance’. We use innovative, approved and tried and trusted sports aids. We offer personal care products as well as medical devices and technical maintenance products. This makes our approach broad, unique and above all effective.

Personal Care

Medical Care

Technical Care

About us

As an organization, MediccSports International combines the ultimate sporting experience with technology to deliver improved performance. We operate within a variety of companies at multiple locations and we offer a wide range of products. We offer many different brands and we are growing rapidly.

At MediccSports International we believe sports should be accessible for everyone. We cater for all levels of sports, all age-groups and levels of fitness. Anyone who wants to optimize their sporting performance is welcome to request our expert advice and to familiarize themselves with our products and approach.

From an idea
to a powerful product

Investors Summary

Innovation and quality
Our in-house Research & Development team develops our products in our own laboratory. We have our own production facilities, meaning we can guarantee innovation and quality.

Pioneer in production
We develop and test all our products. MediccSports International is responsible for the entire chain. Together with engaged and expert staff we supervise athletes and develop PPR care and maintenance products.

MediccSports International follows a clear growth strategy. We are currently in talks with several sports-related companies in the Benelux region. For example, we recently acquired MedicSafe, which is now 100% owned by MediccSports International.

MediccSports International collaborates with sports professionals, sports associations and physiotherapists. Our objective is to become a global leader in the field of sports aids that improve sporting performance and protect both the athletes and their equipment.


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